Customer Testimonials for Chuck Reynolds Car Co. Inc.


"I bought my first car there, a Geo Storm. The car was outstanding and never needed any major repair. I got 300,000 miles out of that car. "
I recently bought a car from Chuck and it is great. No major problems and the car was in outstanding condition. I will do all my car buying from him. I trust him and his staff 100 percent."


"Absolutely love Chuck!! He is awesome. My father-in-law has been purchasing cars from Chuck Reynolds for almost a decade..."
so when I needed a new car, something reliable, clean, and at a great price, naturally I went to Chuck. My dad and I drove by on Sunday before Labor Day and fell in love with the TL on the lot. Immaculate doesn’t come close to how perfect this car is. I reached out to Chuck through text, he got back to me Tuesday morning when he reopened. My dad and I went to take a closer look and test drive it and WOW the car didn’t disappoint. We were able to take the car for a test drive, thoroughly look it over and talk amongst ourselves with NO pressure to buy. Long story short Chuck worked with me and I drove the car home. It’s one of the first purchases I’ve ever made that I was in a pressure free zone, and I’m extremely content a week later with my beautiful new car. I will recommend Chuck Reynolds to friends and family for all of their car needs in the future! ?? ??


"4 Cars later from Chuck (will never go anywhere else. Absolutely the best buying experience you could ask for. "
Well maintained used vehicles at a reasonable price and no fluff and buff crap. I highly recommend you shop him first, middle and last. Always great top notch customer Service after the sale. It's easy to see why his 30+ years of experience has served the area so well. You'd be an idiot to think you could do better.


"Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable people that work there."


"Chuck is a great guy and takes care of his customers. I've bought two cars from him, and I'm working on a third. Highly recommend."

John - 2001 Honda Accord

Hello, I just wanted to let the good people of Georgia know about this place. I took my daughter to this dealer because a friend of mine had purchased a vehicle from them. We went and looked at a 2004 Honda Accord with the owner "Chuck Reynolds" knowing we only had about $1k down and pretty bad credit. When we got there, the car was in exceptional condition. Not only did Chuck finance me on this car, but he threw in a warranty for free. I didn't know what to think as I had been to at least 6 new car dealers and was treated like I didn't exist once they ran my credit. That was two years ago and my daughter still loves and drives the car every day. I just want to say thank you Chuck. And if anyone else out there is tired of the new car dealer BS, go see Chuck Reynolds. I would highly recomend them to anyone!

Dwayne - 2008 ford focus

Great place, Chuck and his crew sold me a good car at an even better price. Thank you!

Troy - 2004 chevy Tahoe

I have bought 5 vehicles from chuck and I'm going to get another soon. Chuck is the man!

Joe - 2004 dodge neon

I recently purchased a vehicle form Chuck Reynolds. The staff was friendly, honest, and knowledgeable about the vehicles on their lot. The prices were fair, and the cars were all very clean. I test drove a couple before deciding on mine. Every car I set down in was clean, smelled nice, & started right up for the test drive. I have never had a more laid back experience purchasing a vehicle. I recommend that ANYONE looking for a good deal on a vehicle in the area should stop by and see what Holly and Chuck can do for you! I will be sending my family, friends to see them with plans on being a return customer in the future. This is where you need to buy that car you have been wanting. I know that if they do not have a car you like there on the lot that the office admin Holly can find a specific car for you if you have something in mind. Stop on by and keep this Family Owned business going!!!